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Mobile Field Service Workshop Container Body


  • Mobile field service workshop trucks will be a handy solution for providing field services at remote project site like Mines, Construction sites, Defence activities etc.
  • The Mobile field service workshop will be made in a standard 20ft container with insulation at roof and sides. The container will be normally divided into two cubicles to house the Genset and Workshop area.
  • The roof mounted retractable mono-rail crane will have capacity to lift maximum 1 ton of load from outside at a distance of 1 metre from the rear.
  • The Genset room houses acoustically shielded Genset and its related electrical panels. The normal Genset capacity will be 25 i<="" li="">
  • In the standard workshop area, the following equipments will be installed Air compressor with 5HP motor and 200 Litres capacity air receiver.
  • Air operated grease pump with grease storage drum (200Kg capacity) with dispensing arrangement safest and most functional.
  • Air operated Oil pump with oil storage drum (200L) with dispensing arrangements.
  • Self winding hose reel assembly (10m Length) for grease, Oil and Air line.
  • Portable welding machine 1Oi<="" li="">.
  • Bench grinder and drilling machine.
  • Wall mounted tyre inflator.
  • Battery charger.
  • Oxy-acetylene gas cutting and welding unit.
  • Standard hand tools and pneumatic tools.
  • Any other optional requirements of the customer.
  • Mobile field service workshop trucks can be supplied either as per our standard design or as per specific customer requirements.
  • The workshop will have adequate lights both AC & DCl, windows, ventilators, fan etc.
  • Fire extinguisher DCP 10Kg shall be provided for safety requirements.
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