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Stainless Steel Diesel Dispensing Tankers


  • Stainless Steel Diesel Dispensing vehicles will be used for localized dispensing of Diesel (other fuels also) at remote locations.
  • Apart from Defence sector, these trucks find application in Mines, Construction sites and any other industrial activities at remote locations.
  • The tank will be elliptical or double 'D' type with single compartment or multi compartment.
  • Each compartment will be provided with safety devices like manhole unit, Pressure vacuum relief valve, air vent, fuel fill pipe, dips stick and string operated master control Valve at the bottom.
  • All pipe lines, pipe fittings and valves shall be of Stainless Steel material.
  • The Diesel dispensing arrangement can be arranged at single side or both sides of the vehicle. (Twin dispensing arrangements).
  • The dispensing arrangement will consist of rear PTA driven positive displacement pump (preferably Blackmer pump), strainer cum air eliminator, PD flow meter, self rewinding hose reel unit, auto shutoff nozzle and pressure gauges at the suction and delivery of the pump.
  • The average diesel dispensing capacity of the vehicle will be in the range of 80-120 L/min.
  • Flame proof lights, Fire extinguisher, Canopy Arrangement for the dispensing unit are the other features of the vehicle.
  • Available in tank capacity ranging from 4000L to 18000L based on the chassis selected.
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