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Stainless Steel Water Bowser And Water Tankers


  • Stainless Steel Water Bowsers/Water tankers are used for storage and transportation of potable water.
  • Water bowsers are PU insulated tanker, in which water can be stored at normal temperature for long periods, when the ambient temperature is as extreme as -30°C or +58°C.
  • The average change of water temperature in 24hrs will be less than 2°C, when the temperature gradient is as high as 50°C.
  • The inner tank and outer tank will be of Stainless Steel constructions and the insulation will be with 100mm PU foam. The constructions of the double tank will be in such a manner that there will not be any metallic contact between the inner and outer tank.
  • The water discharge from the tank will be at the bottom through a discharge cup, pipe line and butterfly valves. Valve box will be located at the rear platform.
  • The water Bowser / tank can be of single or multi compartment type. Each compartment will have independent manhole arrangement with safety devices.
  • As an option, water bowsers / tanks can be provided with pump arrangements with drive either from the PTO of the vehicle or by an independent auto start slave engine.
  • SS water browser / tank will have rear ladder, cat walk arrangement, side protection rails and side protection channels.
  • The tank can be made either in the elliptical shape or double 'D' type profile.
  • SS water tank can be supplied as per the customer requirement and based on the chassis selected.
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